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Contact us is dedicated to supporting practitioners in learning the practice of Buddha Dharma, especially the Vajrayana variety. For this purpose we are developing modules of self-paced eLearning for Sadhanas, Prayers, and other practices, augmented by customizable meditation viewers. These modules and tools you can find under Content. In addition we are offering information about online and offline study and practice resources as well as books, videos, and other media under Resources. If you need any further assistance finding your way around the platform, please check the Help section, and of course feel free to reach out to us through our Contact form.

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Our main content are self-paced eLearning modules and tools around practices like Chenrezig or Mahakala as well as various other essential practices and prayers. All modules here are basically freely available (as the Dharma should be). We kindly ask that you Register for using them, though, as some practices require the student to have certain transmissions and other prerequisites. Registration is free, however, and some of the modules are automatically added to your personal enrolments as soon as you join.

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In addition to our own eLearning content you can find information about other practice and study resources in our Resources section. This blog about online and offline resources as well as books, videos, and other media is freely available even without registration. We also send out brief summaries of the latest posts in our newsletter once or twice per month, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now, make sure to subscribe at the bottom of this page.

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Finally, Consider Generosity

The Dharma should be free. It is way too precious to keep from anyone just based on whether they have sufficient conditions to pay for it. And of course it is priceless. So wherever feasible at all we didn’t put a price tag on the Dharma on this site. Actually, we’d like to make it all available totally for free. However, there’s other considerations. One is that in many cultures free stuff is considered worth what you pay for it, which of course wouldn’t do if it were applied to Dharma. And of course the production and maintenance of this platform and its content incurs costs. But more importantly, there’s the Paramita of Generosity, or Dana. And just as we offer our content to anyone who may find it beneficial to their practice, we’d like to encourage the wonderful practice of Generosity with all its positive karmic and meritorious impact.

Dana: Practice or Rejoice.